Poo Haikus

Poo Haiku #26
Our life here is short

A lesson, small grasshopper

Let others scoop poo

Poo Haiku #21

My dog I do love

His number two I do not

Go away poo, go

Poo Haiku #14

You pick up the poo

Hey, I picked it up last time

Don’t argue, call us.

Poo Haiku #17

The stench in my yard

It’s like a dirty diaper

Someone please change it.

Poo Haiku #7

On my couch I nap

A sparkling lawn when I awake

Worth every cent

Poo Haiku#15

I watch where I step

Determined not to mash poo

Ew, my cross trainers.

Poo Haiku #2

How do I love thee

As I count the many ways

I pick up your poop.

Poo Haiku #21


The love you feel for your dog

Jeez her poop stinks though.

Poo Haiku #18

It’s like a cartoon

You imagine the stink lines

Coming off the poop.

Poo Haiku #5

Poop poop poop poop poop

Poop poop poop poop poop poop poop

Everywhere I look

Poo Haiku #15

Even with a bag

It oozes between fingers

Yuck, heebie jeebies.

Poo Haiku #20

Hmmm, what should I do?

Get all the week’s shopping done

Or pick up the poo?

Poo Haiku #13

I can hold my breath

I can hold it al long time

But not long enough

Poo Haiku #8

I teach my dog tricks

Sit stay fetch rollover and more

He can’t pick up poop

Poo Haiku #10

The neighbors gimace

My yard is so unsightly

I cannot blame them

Poo Haiku #12

The last thing you want

After taking it at work

Is scooping at home

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