12 Reasons

to Have ScoopyPoo Scoop the Poop


You’re Busy

Don’t you have some shopping to do? Museums or clubs to get to? Kids to take to soccer practice?


It’s Not Expensive

Chances are you already pay to have your clothes dry cleaned, your house professionally cleaned, and your car washed. Why save the crappiest job for yourself? (Rates start at $15/week. Less than the average car wash.)


It Keeps Your House Clean Too

Your dog(s) are less likely to track the stuff in on Persian Rugs.


It Promotes Household Bliss

Having us scoop the yard gives everyone one less thing to argue about.


You’re Super Busy

Your to-do list is already intimidating enough.


It Helps Avoid Some Health Concerns

Dog doo doesn’t have to be tracked into the house to raise health concerns. Dog poop can contain parasites that can be transmitted to humans.


No More Fashion Faux Pas

It’s no fun to be caught in a meeting or restaurant with poo on your shoes. It’s also no fun to be continually cleaning the treads of your shoes with a stick.


We Have Enough Bugs in Minneapolis

Um, poop attracts flies. And not just any flies. Those gnarly ones that are purplish-green and shiny.


It’s A Job Nobody Wants

You already work hard enough.


You Can Keep Up With The Jones…In Cleveland

Residents can have their yard cleaned of dog feces in such exotic locales as Denver, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.


It’s Really Really Not Expensive

You probably spend more per week on designer coffee.


It’s A Dream Come True

Close your eyes. Imagine never picking up another piece of poop again. Enough said.