Is Your Yard in Deep DooDoo?

Let Us Un-DooDoo Your Yard so you don’t have to!

We are ScoopyPoo: the Dog Doo Pick Up Service for canine owners who have better things to doo than cleanup their dog’s dirty business.


What ScoopyPoo Can Doo for You

Scoopy Poo’s mission is to take the load off you and remove the loads of poo from your yard. We will visit your yard weekly, bi-weekly or twice a week armed with all the tools necessary, including doggy charm, to search and find those landmines left behind by your furry friend(s). Our Scooper will then scoop Fido’s poo and deposit it double bagged in your garbage.

Note: Dog Poo is a hazardous waste in Minnesota and should not be transported for fear of poo spillage on public streets and waterways.

Routine Poo Readings

During your pet poo cleanup, we routinely doo Poo Reading, in which we check Fido’s poo for any unhealthy warnings and should we find any we will report them back to you.

You've Been Scooped

Scoopy Poo will always be friendly to your dog(s) and we will always leave a doggie bag with your very own “You’ve Been Scooped” notice, doggie treats and human tootsie treats.