Bode’s Tips For Staying Cool

Summer dog and cabin pictures 042Oh doggie, has it been hot this summer! For me, it’s hot every summer. I know my humans sure enjoy their fun in the sun, but just think about it….stuck in your winter coat when the temperatures rise. That’s what it’s like for me and there’s no storing it away until I need it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. After all, wouldn’t you like to sport this beautiful coat all year long? Yup – I’m sexy and I know it. That’s why, instead of requesting to get shaved, I’ve come up with some methods to staying cool all year long so I don’t have to get naked as soon as the snow melts. Although I am kind of jealous of those dogs that have no fur….but what do they do in the winter?!?…I have seen their goofy sweaters….not me!  I have a natural fur coat.  Not only sexy…but so cute and I know it.  I am lucky though, my humans realize my dilemma, so they shave my belly (don’t be afraid it grows back) and lighten my fur coat so I am just a wee bit cooler. So better safe than sorry – here are my tips so that you can enjoy the dog days of summer:


  • Go for a swim – On a car ride the other day I was giving the car tailgating us the stink eye. Since I’m big, they backed off, but before they got too far away I noticed their square tin plate on the back of the car. It said that Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Then it dawned on me – I live in Minnesota! There is no reason why I shouldn’t get to swim in a different lake every day. Well, actually I don’t swim, that would be too much work for me….so I just stand there look around and maybe stick my face underwater.  It sure does cool me down. Though, for some reason, I sure know how to clear the deck of humans when I shake off near them!  They scatter and shriek when I get out of the water.  What’s that all about!?  I’ll be sure to let you know when I figure that one out.
  • Befriend a box fan – There’s nothing like being lazy on the floor in front of one of those giant fans. Its double delicious when you are on a tile floor (with a shaved belly, no less).  The fan makes me almost feel like a car ride! But don’t get too close and definitely don’t give your new friend any kisses or doggy handshakes (aka sniffin’ butt).
  • Drink tons of water – I know, I know – you’d have to get up in order to drink water. But trust me, it’s necessary to staying cool.
  • Stay out of hot cars – I know your humans love you and you love them, but sometimes it’s not safe to go everywhere with them. Especially when they’re running errands. Instead, stay home and follow tip number 2. Haha, number 2.


Well, I need to get back to keeping cool. But remember, I spend all day every day in the office with my human mom. That makes me one smart cookie. Cookie?! Did somebody say cookie? Anyway, stay cool out there my four-legged friends and ask your humans to help you out with all of those tips I mentioned. Dogs would rule the world if we had thumbs…but that’s for another blog post.

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